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Founded in 2016, Airwolf Jet Services is a full service premier luxury service provider. From jet charter and sales, to Mega Yachts, Exotic Autos, Luxury Real Estate, Medevac Flights, Risk Analysis, Corporate Coaching and Venture Capital. Airwolf Jet Services has distinguished itself from the pack as a leader in luxury asset and transportation company. Our vision was to differentiate ourselves from the competition, and create a charter company that acts more like your adviser; one that will work with you to create a memorable life experience.  Airwolf Jet Services is a boutique broker offering its clientele world class service and uber luxury and convenience. Many of our clients who charter flights have found that it is a far more cost effective and flexible alternative to full or fractional aircraft ownership. If you feel the way most of our clients have felt, Airwolf Jet Services is the only complete jet charter brokerage company they will ever choose. 

Top Executives, Celebrities & Fortune 500 Companies from around the globe have trusted Airwolf Jet Services for  not just their executive jet charter flights but also for collaboration and planning. Whether it be ground transportation after they land or a private villa stay, at Airwolf Jet Services we will work with our clients to ensure timely delivery of every detail. From planning your in-flight catering menu to attending to the special needs of a pet, your entire flight experience is catered to you, your family and your guests. Airwolf Jet Services team of professionals will make it their first priority to accommodate you in every way possible 24/7. 

*Operators providing service for Airwolf Jet Services' clients must meet standards under United States Federal Aviation Administration  with regulation part 135. 

Our Team

Alan Domazet

Alan Domazet


Alan Domazet was born in 1986 in Banjaluka second largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By 1992 The Bosnian War broke out, at 6 years of age Mr. Domazet’s family was forced to move. The family had packed up and moved to Croatia, a year later in December of 1993 at the age of 7; Mr. Domazet would arrive to the States and end up in a small town in upstate NY. Alan had since, in 2007, went on to pursue his studies in business administration with a local business college focused on specialized training in commerce and finance and pursue his BA in environmental studies with Ashford University in 2011. Alan has worked in many industries ranging from Hospitality, Sales, Customer Service, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, and more.

“These experiences have allowed me to gain an array of skill sets and an insight as to how those industries function. I have used these skills and insights along with my studies, and personal traits to develop and start many of my own businesses”- Alan

A natural born artist Alan can envision the grand picture, then step back and identify the day to day detail that would make that vision a reality. “Life is like a painting, you have an idea of what it should be, your vision of what and where you want to be; but it’s the focus on the detail that will make that vision a reality and produce the quality”-Alan

Alan has over the years focused heavily on personal development, learning from the works of Napoleon Hill "Laws of success in 16 Lessons" and "Think and grow rich", Zig Ziglar’s "See you at the top", Dale Carnegie's work "How to win friends ad influence people" and many more. Alan’s hobbies include but are not limited to oil on canvas Painting, Chess, Private Aviation, Finance, Investing, Cryptocurrency trading, Business building and more.

Alan had just left his tenure as a “concierge” at “Villazzo” a luxury vacation and Villa rentals company located in Miami Beach Florida when he met past business partner and past CEO Lance Sinclair who was involved with private aviation. Utilizing his skill sets Alan had worked with Lance to build Airwolf Jet Services Inc. As Founder of Airwolf Jet Services Inc. Lance has since then stepped down as partner and CEO and went on to pursue other endeavors. Alan was in line to take position as company CEO when . As CEO Alan continues to grow company value and develop relationships that position us to deliver our investors, partners and clients the experience and value they expect.

Alan’s vision was to create an aircraft sales, consulting, management and brokerage company to would supply high net worth individuals with luxury assets on demand. Alan has maintained a career spanning two decades focusing on luxury VIP Concierge services and sales. Alan also has extensive experience in Luxury resort consulting and concierge resource management. Included on his client list are several clients, for whom Alan has assisted in setting up flight departments, consisting of aircraft crewing, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance and aircraft operating budgets. 

Aleksandra Marzec

Luxury Real Estate Sales

Sports and Entertainment

Aleksandra Marzec is a highly experienced and successful REALTOR who specializes in the marketing of luxury homes and condominiums. She is a graduate of the University of South Florida and has dedicated herself to continued in-depth, specialized training and education in both the real estate and business worlds, keeping abreast of current overall economic factors that so greatly relate to providing unmatched professional services to clients and customers. Aleksandra’s business background includes Public Relations, Marketing, International Business and Sales. She also has comprehensive training in Real Estate Investments, Financing, Foreclosure and Bank Owned Properties, Exchanges and Creative Financing. 


Risk Advisory

Risk Management and Intelligence Consultant

John has over 20 years of experience leading strategic security programs and providing critical intelligence for multinational corporations and government entities. Prior to GDI Risk Advisory Group, he was a Managing Director with JPMorgan-Asia. He also served as a Senior Security Executive and Operations Officer at Booz Allen and the Central Intelligence Agency. In addition, John was a co-founder and Managing Director of Patriot Defense Group, a defense contracting firm. His expertise is China/SE Asia and he is on the Advisory Board of the International Institute for Security and Crisis Management.

Todd Antelmi

Corporate Sales Agent

Todd Antelmi is a successful and creative sales professional with over 15 years’ experience, providing an energetic sales strategy to buyers and sellers. Throughout his sales career, he has supported complex projects in the high-tech and hospitality sectors in Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. Todd believes in providing a consultation approach, while being his customer’s eyes and ears regarding market change and trends. He has a passion for innovation, sports, and takes pride in staying current, so that his customers are well informed - while delivering seamless customer service, and a positive proactive experience.

Seeking Applicants 

Corporate Sales Agent

Airwolf Jet Services is always welcomes interested Agents from around the world who have an extensive network of individuals who fit the profile of our client base. if you feel you would be an assset to out team, please submit your inquiry with contact information [email protected]